Monday, May 19, 2014

Oak vase II

This is the second little pot or vase I made from the Oak log "rescued" from the roadside ditch in Slebech.
Inspired by a similar pot, which had been artificially "aged" in Richard Raffan's book "The art of turned bowls" I wanted to produce a similar effect.
It was turned green (as was the first one) and once I had completed turning the outside I tried to ebonize it by burning it with a propane blowtorch, but the wet wood was not only resisting the flame really well, the inner parts of the grooved section wasn't altering in the slightest.  Patience ran out and I resorted to black stain which I then buffed heavily to try and gain a little patina, I did not over sand the piece as I wanted a very coarse turned look, I think I managed to get most of what I wanted, but the paler undercolour of the wood where it shows through need to age and darken on it's own before it will become properly convincing.

It's very nice to handle though!

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