Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr Pot Pourri


This months challenge on the UK workshop forum is a Pot Pourri pot/bowl with a made rather than a bought lid, this one was a challenge alright, it went through several evolutions and some other adventures before I finally arrived at this finished piece, having made the bowl, it had a distinct look of a Mr Man character, so I made an appropriate hat.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ash Natural Edge

A small bowl from Burr Ash just a decorative piece as it is rather small being just 10cm tall and the same wide at the widest point. Pretty grain though, and walls are just 3mm so very fine.
This is a revisited piece though rather than a new one, the old shots did not really do it justice.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two of a kind

A couple of natural edged bowls, very different in shape and design, but with aspects in common, mainly the colour.
The first is a small extended bowl, the main challenge in this was to make the curve continuous, also the colour technique was similar to the Oak pot posted earlier, a diluted mix of green and blue thinned with spirit, finish is spray lacquer.

The second bowl was coloured in a similar fashion with some purple added to the mix. The finish on this though is something new, Shellac, this is the first time I have successfully finished a coloured piece with shellac, being spirit based it has a distinct tendency to wash the colour out, or at least move it around, plus the colour can get on the rubber making it useless for anything else, however, with care, I avoided these problems and got the benefit of the shellac gloss.