Tuesday, November 20, 2012

After yet another hiatus I have been once again busy in the workshop trying to get some stock together for the present buying spree I am hoping several will be indulging in via my pages on Etsy and Ebay, Optimism rules!

Mainly bowls right now as all the blanks I roughed out earlier are coming dry enough to complete, also I am beginning to experiment a little more with the colouring and so far it has been interesting and rewarding, at least I am not horrified by the results!

So, here are a few pictures to illustrate current stock.

Should one of these take your fancy head to the website www.kimsart.co.uk and go to the woodturning section, find the bowls and click the images, this will take you to the Etsy page for Shopswood.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Completed the demonstration piece on the website, I had pretty much decided on some form of candle stick in the early stages, but what form that would take was as yet unimagined even, however, as I progressed with the final stages the whole thing took shape and ended up quite nicely!

I now have items for sale in two local shops, and so far it is generating a lot of verbal interest, but so far no financial appreciation, which is the kind I prefer even though compliments are encouraging, hopefully a few items will be purchased as gifts sometime soon.

The finished Candlestick  See the whole process from start to finish Here