Friday, July 26, 2013

The beauty of wood.

The beauty of wood is surely revealed in these two little Olive Ash boxes, I knew when I turned the cylinder from the wet timber that it would be special, and now it had dried sufficiently to be used.

I wanted to make boxes in the style of George Watkins whose work with timber and acrylics I have long admired, and in this I feel happy with the result as they have a very nice balanced shape.

Click on the images to open up the slideshow with large pictures.

Holly Natural Edged Bowl

This is the bowl that I made in the two Youtube Videos, they can be seen here:

Part One
Part Two

The bowl has been finished with finishing oil and buffed on the 3 wheel system by Chestnut.

I am reasonably happy with the bowl, it has good points all round, the form is OK but a tiny bit flat at the base, I would have preferred a more continuous curve.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More colour and something different.


Three small bowls that have a similar colouring, my current favourite combination of several of the Chestnut range of stains.

The first two bowls are the ones that were out of shot in the Holly video, number one is a small Ash bowl, the 20p piece is about the same size as a nickel.

Bowl number two is Sycamore, the design based on suggestions in Richard Raffans book.

Bowl 3 is Ash again, with a nice ridged design giving texture as well as colour.

The next two images are of a wall hanging I made from a scrap of old Elm I found under the workbench, this was a real challenge to work, it flew off the lathe 5 times in the process of it's creation, but the end result justifies the effort I think.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Really Wild Vases

I finally got round to editing these images of some of the items I sold at St Davids.

First up is a little hollow form in Sycamore, this item sold within ten minutes of the gates opening!

The images are in sequence so you get to see all round the vase.

Also here are a couple of shots of the Natural Edged Sycamore Bowl coloured to resemble the blue lagoon at Abereiddi.