Friday, January 17, 2014

Back up and running!

December 23rd mt PC got fritzed in a thunderstorm, most frustrating! Now however I have a new beast that is a joy to use so at least that is a positive result. Consequently I am able to process and post up some recent projects.

This one is a direct take on the designs of David Decristoforo from the USA, I am very impressed with his designs, fluid, graceful and very innovative. My spin of course is the addition of colour, in this instance everything except the interior of the "goblet" is coloured is some fashion, stain for the red, ebonizing lacquer for the stem and schlagg metal for the outer part of the cup. Made from a single piece of Sycamore, the top is natural edged, the whole thing is finished with satin lacquer buffed to a gloss finish.

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