Sunday, January 19, 2014

A new experience

Woodturners Unlimited is a forum which has as among it's members, some exceptional craftsmen and women, I am frequently in awe of the quality and thoughtful designs that appear in the posts each day. One of the features of the site is a critique section, you can submit your work to be critiqued by a team of 3 experienced turners who will independently assess your work and offer advice on improvements as well as comment on how they feel about the piece in general. I am not shy of offering such comments on the work of newer turners as they often request it in their hunt for information, knowledge and technique, but like many things, you never stop learning and so I sent in my blue vase for the team to check over.  I was a bit concerned as colour work is not everyones cup of tea and I did wonder if this would be a problem. My concerns however were ill founded as all three found positive things to say as well as offering several very useful tips for future pieces, not least in the photography dept!

My thanks to Terry Scott, Keith Burns and Richard Kennedy for taking the time to look the vase over and offer their thoughts and tips, much appreciated! :)

you can read the critiques here.

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