Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's been sometime since I made an update, things have been going rather slowly on the sales front with nothing selling on Ebay or Etsy right now, but I have managed to make some small sales in town at a really nice store called Fabio, and also have some stuff in an Age Concern shop which has a hefty commission, but a sale is a sale and I think that stuff has a better chance of selling if people can see it for real.

Recent productions include this set of three Bud Vases made for the UK workshops September Challenge, I was delighted to get 2nd place with them.

This months challenge is a decorated plate, I have made mine and will post it up after the results.

I have also been making boxes again, this pair look good, but the lids do not fit to my satisfaction so will have to be remade. Lids are in Holly, Box in Cherry.

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