Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A couple of day of turning have been somewhat dramatic, yesterday I was all set to make some replacement boxes and finials for a project that went awry, during the process of making the boxes, two of them blew up on the lathe, one due to an unseen fault in the wood, it flew into about 4 pieces and shot all over the workshop, luckily I did not get hit, the second box (both in Yew) bust in half when I had a rather careless dig-in with a gouge, two hours work for nothing.
Undetered (what choice?!) I pressed on and successfully made a new Yew box for an existing finial.

And a new finial for an existing box!
I then set to making an oval natural edged bowl from half a log of Spalted Sycamore, I had finished the outside and was in the process of sanding the inside when this also decided on a career in aviation and took off from the lathe, the fault of a rather weak bit of chucking on my part, but it was recoverable with some CA glue, I prepared the wood and reached for the pot, unfortunately I was still looking at the bowl while I opened the pot of Superglue and failed to notice that I had not opened the applicator lid, but had removed the whole lid entirely, and thus as I stood gawping I dribbled much glue over my thumbnails etc, which then felt a little warm, and wonderfully glued my entire thumbnail down, you may think this insignificant, try it and see!

I did rescue the bowl.

Today I roughed out 7 Ash bowls of various styles and completed another for a neighbour, much better!

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