Monday, September 24, 2012

Up and down the garden

The last few days I have been doing some turning but also re arranging the shed, all the fishing gear down to the bottom shed and all the timber up to the top shed where the lathe is kept, pretty tiring work but this is a more logical use of the storage space and will allow me to have room to store various blanks and roughed out bowls as well as freeing up more space in the workshop.

I have been offered an outlet in town which wants a 35% commission on sales which is a bit ouch, it means the prices will have to be fairly high to justify the work, I have made a stack of wooden fruit from Iroko and half a dozen very fine egg cups from holly, plus, so far, three bowls, once I have a few more items I will see if I can get them set out in the shop.

Also intend to see a friend who owns another shop selling craft items to see if he will sell a few things for me, hopefully at a better rate, 25% would be more like it for me.

No pics today as the mini studio is currently chaotic, I will get some done for the next update.

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