Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pot Purri

This little pot was actually an initial failure and was my first effort for the Pot Pourri competition that I eventually won with the Mr Pot Pourri pot a while back, this one though, would not play nicely with the hole cutting so I abandoned it and it languished on the workbench for some months.
Eventually though I thought it might be worth trying a different approach, the lid still fitted well which meant it was stable.
So I worked on the holes to try and tidy them up (they were frayed and the wood was brittle)  even now they are not perfect, but I applied the bronze dust to them and it masks the irregularities in a pleasing manner.

The finial is made from Cocobolo. Finish is polished Shellac.  I have also done a video od the polishing technique that I will upload in a few days.

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