Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two of a kind

A couple of natural edged bowls, very different in shape and design, but with aspects in common, mainly the colour.
The first is a small extended bowl, the main challenge in this was to make the curve continuous, also the colour technique was similar to the Oak pot posted earlier, a diluted mix of green and blue thinned with spirit, finish is spray lacquer.

The second bowl was coloured in a similar fashion with some purple added to the mix. The finish on this though is something new, Shellac, this is the first time I have successfully finished a coloured piece with shellac, being spirit based it has a distinct tendency to wash the colour out, or at least move it around, plus the colour can get on the rubber making it useless for anything else, however, with care, I avoided these problems and got the benefit of the shellac gloss.

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